Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Observations about the Leafs collapse last nigt

Monster stands on his head in the first period and we escape with a 1 to nothing lead.  Second period starts out badly but we get it together and Kullemin scores a beautiful goal.  I've heard so much about Kadri turnovers that I decided to keep mental track of his gaffs. 

Part of his puck handling problem comes from poor passing from Leaf's defencemen - particularly Mike Komisarek and Francois Beauchemin.  Both of these guys slap pass as opposed to slide pass - the resulting spin on the puck creates a lot of passes that are hard for the recipient to handle.  In addition, both these D men handle the puck like a grenade - "just get rid of it before it blows up in my face."

Check out how Kaberle and Schenn handle the puck - look how nicely they deliver passes to their teammates.

Observations on the final goal - the Leafs panicked.  Bozak loses the draw and he and the two forwards all run at Martin St. Louis.  Guys that's one man's responsibility.  One winger and center should be moving men out of position so your goalie can see.  In the lost faceoff scenario with less than ten seconds left, remember your responsibilities and do whatever it takes to ensure your goalie has a good luck - so what if you take a penalty.  Ughh!

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