Monday, December 20, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Quite a weekend for sure.  Topping the list of guys whom I know longer respect or cheer for - Mike Shanahan from the Redskins.  Give me a break - Rex Grossman over the classy Donovan McNab.  Here's hoping the Skins don't win another game.  Merry Xmas Mike.

Speaking of coaches, I absolutely loved the reaction by Tom Coughlin of the Giants after his rookie punter Matt Dodge kicked a line drive punt to DeSean Jackson.  I thought he was going to hit his punter - I loved the old school tongue lashing he gave Dodge.  That kid will never screw up like that again.

Tonight I'm taking a night off of workouts and I'm watching my Leafs against the Thrashers.  I often do push ups when Leafs screw up - 10 when they get a penalty and 20 when they give up a goal.  In the first period tonight they give up 2 goals and a penalty in the space of 28 seconds.  My shoulder can't take it!

Now when it comes to fitness, I discovered a new web site and I am pretty impressed by the guy who publishes the site - Trainer Josh.  Check it out - here's a direct link to a fat burn workout

Ho Ho Ho!  Thx to Robbie G for the XMAS sweater

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