Monday, May 19, 2008

How many home runs will they get wrong at Yankee Stadium

Carlos Delgado hits a three run home run last night, left field umpire initially calls it fair and then the umpires confer and the first base ump convinces him it was foul - wrong again - is it just me or these bad calls becoming more common - especially at Yankee Stadium.

Joe Girardi will not survive this year.

The Jays are playing tough without their best offensive player Vernon Wells. Six and four road trip not bad after blowing a few great pitching performances in Cleveland. Do you think we would be better off with Reed Johnson than Mench and Wilkerson?

Where will Barry Bonds end up?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Game On

Our Fifty and over competitive team won tourney today in Etobicoke. Team hit great all weekend and scored in every inning. New players Rookie Bill and Brian did ok for first kick at the can with the older guys.

Sorry to see Habs lose last night - not! Penguins prevailed today and should prevail against Flyers although Biron has been a real surprise. Tonight my Sharks will be hard pressed to keep the series alive. How about Roenick - he's got the fountain of youth working for him now.

Jays - 4 wins in a row this month - need to get the sticks going - soon - as the great pitching can't continue at this rate.