Sunday, March 30, 2008

This and That

Leafs dig deep but do not have enough fire power. The following should be moved in off season - Wellwood, Ponikarovsky, Ian White, Raycroft, Tucker. Paul Maurice is likely gone - his early season trapping in the offensive zone was a bad strategy. A goaltender competition at the beginning of the season was also a mistake - Razor - two wins in 17 games - enough said.

The Leafs should bring back Sundin. He is their leader. I think Steen can be a much bigger part of this team too.

Playoffs - Habs better get more energy in their game. It would be a shame if Koivu was hurt for any extended period. Anyone can win the East. West - also wide open - let's hope that Oilers make it.

And oh yes - good news Reed Johnson is with the Cubs. Go get 'em Reed.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tribute to Reed Johnson

Reed is one of those players who gets everything out of his abilities. He'll take a pitch off his backside if it will help the team. He'll drag bunt if that's what it takes. How many times have we seen him dive for a ball in the outfield. I think the Yankees will be happy to see him released by the Jays - certainly he had great outings against the Bronx Bombers.

I hope Reed gets picked up by another team - and they are not in the American East. We'll miss you Reed

Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness

Well here I sit having predicted Duke to go to the final of NCAA basketball and just having watched them lose to West Virginia. Hmm!

Raptors had a tough ten game stretch without one of the classiest basketball players in the league - Chris Bosh. He's back now but we will be hard pressed to get the number four seed in the playoffs. Sixth might be the right seed - avoid Cleveland and Lebron in the first round.

I am as a big a Leaf supporter as you'll find but even I think the boys are done for this year. They are creating a little havoc though - Bruins, Flyers and Sabres all struggling down the stretch - due to Leafs tenacity.

Tonight the Leafs take on the Sens who have of course slid to fifth overall (hate to remind everyone but I did predict their swoon). Prediction tonight - Leafs win in shootout.