Monday, November 29, 2010

Here are the boys early in the tailgate yesterday at the Bills game. Dean, Rob, myself, big Pete, Dave and Mike. I got kudos from the boys for my preparation of the pea meal bacon sandwiches.
The bar is raised for next game versus Cleveland. Peter brought his Costco steaks with special seasoning (of course he forgot them at home initially which he covered off by buying a round of beers at the game).
Nice job at duty free picking up the Ex. Off at home today just rebounding and putting up the XMAS lights.
Bills play well again but lose in overtime for the third time. Oh Stevie, hang on to the ball!
Lost weekend for the Leafs -home for three games this week and if we don't win 2 of 3 we will be in even more trouble.
Raps called out by Jay Triano for being outplayed at every position yesterday - well they have to hustle their ass off to be in any game so good for him.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bills/Leafs/Raptors - any chance for a win?

Leafs versus Sens - neither team scoring much. Monster hot in net -take the Leafs to win with Naz getting his first.

Bills versus Steelers. Will the Steelers be looking past the Bills to their big Monday night game against Baltimore? Maybe. Need Fitzpatrick to light it up - we have a chance. Big Peter, Dave, Dean, Rob and Mike and I will be at the game - fun to be had by all -nothing like a tailgate in Buffalo. Steaks on the menu tomorow

What is wrong with the Bengals and where will TO service next year?

Raps vs Atlanta - Reggie out with a foot injury - hopefully not same issue as last year's lengthy sidelining. We're short on rebounders and need Davis back from D league soon

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How about those Raptors!

So I go to the game with a bunch of westerners last night - Biscuit, PJ and Cal. God bless Biscuit for recognizing he was going to drive home. I tried to explain that the Raptors were on a bit of a roll. I predicted Bargnani would score his points early and we would win. I was a little more impressed with Andrea's defense last night - he wasn't taking the easy way by switching off when he got picked. I loved the crowd embracing Reggie Evan's career high 22 rebound performance.

Jerryd Bayless made a decent first appearance. After missing his first two shots, he confidently nailed a couple of 3 balls. The other Raptor who really impressed me was Leandro Barbosa who seemed to drive to the basket at will.

Thanks to MLSE for hosting us last night -a ton of fun.

Turkey day in the U.S. today so I'll celebrate by taking the afternoon off and cheering all the visitors to cover the spreads - yes Cinci will cover versus the very lucky Jets

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 out of 4 and 3 in a row - wow!

As predicted here the Raptors did in fact surprise Boston on Sunday. Amir Johnson played up to the promise he showed late last year and the short bench worked out. I'll be attending the game against Philly this Wednesday and hope to see the fourth consective win. Raptors can make the playoffs by hanging around .500 this year. Bargnani is scoring early in game but he's not the Raps go to guy down the stretch. I think he needs to improve his fitness as it appears he is too tired to get himself into good offensive positioning late in games.

Leafs are getting really solid goaltending out of the Monster. He could not be faulted for either Habs goals on Saturday and turned in another stellar performance last night. The talking heads on pregame questioned his firing the puck out of his net after goals on Saturday - frankly I like to see that he was pissed off at being scored on. Another Leaf that is showing some good stuff (beside Nazim Kadri's amazing passing) is Mike Brown. He scooted by the Stars D last night on a penalty kill and had a good scoring chance.

We travel to Buffalo on Friday and then to Ottawa on Saturday - two divisional rivals that are teams we need to catch to make the playoffs - 3 out of 4 points coming in those two games

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday stuff

Leafs played ok against Montreal. Price continues to surprise by playing really well. Lapierre is really annoying - he'll get what's coming to him someday soon. I thought Kadri played well and we just had some bad luck.

Raps win two in a row and then get rid of two quality guys in Jack and Anderson. If the trade was announced yesterday why can't Stojakovich and Bayless be ready to go on Sunday? We get weaker with the trade in the short term. Short bench against Boston may work out well today and we may catch them off guard

Mustangs lose to Laval yesterday. Papers report 16,000 fans -really? Top section was mostly empty. I thought those damn annoying vuvuzelas were banned? Did the extra inventory get sold in Quebec City? Too many turnovers by Western caused them to lose.

NFL today -look for the Giants to show Phili who's best in the East. Every time you think Phil is ready to flex their muscles they lay an egg. Giants win outright. Atlanta over St. Louis seems too easy and Bills will go back to back today against inept Bengals

Friday, November 19, 2010

Two in a Row

Ok the Leafs come up with a solid effort against a struggling Devils team last night. Habs run into a pissed off Nashville team and lay an egg. Sets up for a good tussle on Saturday night. The whole PK Suban thing is disturbing - so what if he's got a little flash and dash - Richards warning him is crap. I cheer for anyone but the Habs but I'd be really teed off if someone does something stupid to PK now.

I updated my profile to show a picture of my son and I just after the Toronto Bucanneers President's Day game on 11/7 - good times and that may just be it for me and any further rugby games.

This weekend my Western Mustangs traval to play Laval in the semis for University football. They'll be in tough but if they get through this one they will win the Vanier.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Has it really been two years?

Wow I knew it had been a while. Life's been busy. Here's my take on a few sports. I really thought the Habs were in trouble this year with Carey Price as their goalie and forwards that are so small - we'll see but they are the surprise of the league so far. I was in Vegas a month ago and bet a couple of times on my Leafs - fortunately they were hot at the time. They are a stretch to make the playoffs and will need to overtake both the Rangers and Senators to get in

Raptors - ouch - 20 wins max this year. Bargnani is not a guy to build the team around - he's too lazy defensively and not a leader.

Blue Jays - offseason will be interesting - we lose John Buck and his tremendous offense. We add Rajai Davis to the outfield and he brings lots of new talents. He and Travis Snyder at top of order would be cool. Need to get Aaron Hill sorted out - .206 BA sucks.