Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 out of 4 and 3 in a row - wow!

As predicted here the Raptors did in fact surprise Boston on Sunday. Amir Johnson played up to the promise he showed late last year and the short bench worked out. I'll be attending the game against Philly this Wednesday and hope to see the fourth consective win. Raptors can make the playoffs by hanging around .500 this year. Bargnani is scoring early in game but he's not the Raps go to guy down the stretch. I think he needs to improve his fitness as it appears he is too tired to get himself into good offensive positioning late in games.

Leafs are getting really solid goaltending out of the Monster. He could not be faulted for either Habs goals on Saturday and turned in another stellar performance last night. The talking heads on pregame questioned his firing the puck out of his net after goals on Saturday - frankly I like to see that he was pissed off at being scored on. Another Leaf that is showing some good stuff (beside Nazim Kadri's amazing passing) is Mike Brown. He scooted by the Stars D last night on a penalty kill and had a good scoring chance.

We travel to Buffalo on Friday and then to Ottawa on Saturday - two divisional rivals that are teams we need to catch to make the playoffs - 3 out of 4 points coming in those two games

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