Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday stuff

Leafs played ok against Montreal. Price continues to surprise by playing really well. Lapierre is really annoying - he'll get what's coming to him someday soon. I thought Kadri played well and we just had some bad luck.

Raps win two in a row and then get rid of two quality guys in Jack and Anderson. If the trade was announced yesterday why can't Stojakovich and Bayless be ready to go on Sunday? We get weaker with the trade in the short term. Short bench against Boston may work out well today and we may catch them off guard

Mustangs lose to Laval yesterday. Papers report 16,000 fans -really? Top section was mostly empty. I thought those damn annoying vuvuzelas were banned? Did the extra inventory get sold in Quebec City? Too many turnovers by Western caused them to lose.

NFL today -look for the Giants to show Phili who's best in the East. Every time you think Phil is ready to flex their muscles they lay an egg. Giants win outright. Atlanta over St. Louis seems too easy and Bills will go back to back today against inept Bengals

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Nicolas said...

Large Double Double X 2 please!