Monday, November 29, 2010

Here are the boys early in the tailgate yesterday at the Bills game. Dean, Rob, myself, big Pete, Dave and Mike. I got kudos from the boys for my preparation of the pea meal bacon sandwiches.
The bar is raised for next game versus Cleveland. Peter brought his Costco steaks with special seasoning (of course he forgot them at home initially which he covered off by buying a round of beers at the game).
Nice job at duty free picking up the Ex. Off at home today just rebounding and putting up the XMAS lights.
Bills play well again but lose in overtime for the third time. Oh Stevie, hang on to the ball!
Lost weekend for the Leafs -home for three games this week and if we don't win 2 of 3 we will be in even more trouble.
Raps called out by Jay Triano for being outplayed at every position yesterday - well they have to hustle their ass off to be in any game so good for him.

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