Thursday, November 25, 2010

How about those Raptors!

So I go to the game with a bunch of westerners last night - Biscuit, PJ and Cal. God bless Biscuit for recognizing he was going to drive home. I tried to explain that the Raptors were on a bit of a roll. I predicted Bargnani would score his points early and we would win. I was a little more impressed with Andrea's defense last night - he wasn't taking the easy way by switching off when he got picked. I loved the crowd embracing Reggie Evan's career high 22 rebound performance.

Jerryd Bayless made a decent first appearance. After missing his first two shots, he confidently nailed a couple of 3 balls. The other Raptor who really impressed me was Leandro Barbosa who seemed to drive to the basket at will.

Thanks to MLSE for hosting us last night -a ton of fun.

Turkey day in the U.S. today so I'll celebrate by taking the afternoon off and cheering all the visitors to cover the spreads - yes Cinci will cover versus the very lucky Jets

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Biscuit said...

I noticed Morty conveniently left out one key detail of the night - that I won't have to drive on the next trip! Gotta get this locked into the history books!