Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another season with no playoffs

Howdy everyone.  Stirring finish by the Leafs with improved play from D, Reimer standing on his head and Phil Kessel getting wake up call after being last pick at the all star game.  Clearly we need a stud center.  Joffrey Lupul a great addition - not only can he shoot, he gets to the net and has good vision on the ice.

Playoff predictions.  Sabres will play Phili in first round and have some bad playoff history against the Flyers (Cup final loss).  Sabres the hottest team going into the playoffs.  Look for them to upset. 

Chicago not in yet - they need a point today.  If they get in, they play Vancouver.  Now Vancouver has a terrible record against Chicago.  If you are in a hockey pool, think twice about loading up on Canuks

Habs come 6th and play Bruins.  What a rivalry here - one sided in recent games.  Habs go down quickly (5 games max)

Washington versus Rangers - hmmm - can Caps go all the way?  Not sure but the Rangers are not going to take them out - bank on it.

Detroit versus Anaheim?  Tough call - Anaheim seems to have Wings number. 

And how about those Blue Jays!