Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great decision to resume World Series Game 5

I've heard quite a few negatives about MLB not knowing what they are doing in this year's World Series. Frankly, I really like the decision to pick up the fifth game from the bottom of the sixth. In the long run, Phillies would not savour a rain shortened Series win, if they had been awarded last night's game.

How about those Leafs - working hard - more than you can say about the Senators. Time they got rid of Heatley.

Biggest NHL surprise to date - Minnesota in the West and Tampa Bay in the East. One over achiever and one under achiever. Barry Melrose feeling the heat in a bad hockey organization.

Bills - need to bring it on Sunday against Brett and the Jets. We win by 4 or more.

Raptors start tomorrow night on the road against an improved Sixers. Personally I think Jermaine O'Neal will push Chris Bosh to have his best season to date. If Jose Calderon continues to get better, we have a chance to win the Division. Watch out for Orlando and Cleveland. Pistons going the wrong way.

Mike Weir - top 15 year without winning a tourney - damn good and consistent

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who will be Mr October?

Cubs once again disappoint their faithful -1908 was a long time ago. They will be back next year and win a round in the playoffs. Dodgers thoughts - Russell Martin doing Canadians proud. I still can't cheer for them as they have Manny, the supreme idiot, on their team.

People ask me why I dislike Manny so much. I look at him as a person who doesn't give his all 100% of the time nor does he respect the game.

Must win for Phillies today - they don't want to give C.C. another chance in a fifth game. I had called for Angels and Phillies World Series - never say never but those damn Red Sox are finding ways to win and are also being lead by Canadian Jason Day

Bills at 4 and 0 go to Arizona today against a team that many have chosen to win their Division. Vegas has made the Cardinals a one point favourite. Can you believe it? Bills will win before their bye week.

Hockey kicked off yesterday and Ottawa lost in overtime to the Penguins - too bad - not! Will the Sens implode again this year? No but they will struggle to make playoffs in an East Conference with improved Tampa Bay, Carolina and in the West 3 of Columbus, Chicago, Phoenix and Edmonton will replace Nashville, Colorado, Minnesota in the playoffs