Sunday, November 16, 2008

Are the Bruins for real?

Thoughts on the Bruins - Only one loss in six games this month and that was in a shootout. Chara not doing much offensively, nor is Patrice Bergeron. They are getting good goaltending from Tim Thomas. Leafs play them Monday night after long flight back from Vancouver. If we score first we will win - if we don't the Bruins find ways to shut teams down.

Habs - bad week - and they may lose in St. Louis tonight too. Too bad - not.

Ottawa - struggling big time, to make playoffs (as predicted here)

Western Mustangs did advance to Vanier Cup after they beat St. Mary's 28-12 (by more than two touchdowns as predicted here).

Raptors - need a 3 man - Bargnani is not the answer as he is not quick enough to handle most small forwards. We'll see - the Raptors are committed to trying him in starting lineup . Andrea played well today as did Jamerio Moon

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dirty Old Habs

I was lucky enough to go see Leafs totally dominate Habs last night. Habs were a step slow all night and decided to hit Leafs from behind several times - Kostopolous hits Van Ryan right between the numbers - breaks his nose, hand, stitches to head and a concussion - gutless play and he should get a bunch of games suspension. Later Leafs take 3 goaltender interference penalties in a row - interesting last one - Blake gets hammered into the goal post by a beat defenceman. Schenn gets tripped on an icing call and goes hard into the boards. Markov gets a boarding call. Even Koivu took exception to the skill exhibited by Grabovski and actually kicked him along the boards.

Anyway, some might say Habs never gave up - I'd say they need to clean up their act.

Western Mustang football boys going to Mitchell Bowl - second year in a row in National semi finals. St. Marys will be lucky to stay within 2 touchdowns

Bills have lost 3 in a row but have some easier games coming. They'll need to go 11 and 5 to ensure playoff spot.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Great decision to resume World Series Game 5

I've heard quite a few negatives about MLB not knowing what they are doing in this year's World Series. Frankly, I really like the decision to pick up the fifth game from the bottom of the sixth. In the long run, Phillies would not savour a rain shortened Series win, if they had been awarded last night's game.

How about those Leafs - working hard - more than you can say about the Senators. Time they got rid of Heatley.

Biggest NHL surprise to date - Minnesota in the West and Tampa Bay in the East. One over achiever and one under achiever. Barry Melrose feeling the heat in a bad hockey organization.

Bills - need to bring it on Sunday against Brett and the Jets. We win by 4 or more.

Raptors start tomorrow night on the road against an improved Sixers. Personally I think Jermaine O'Neal will push Chris Bosh to have his best season to date. If Jose Calderon continues to get better, we have a chance to win the Division. Watch out for Orlando and Cleveland. Pistons going the wrong way.

Mike Weir - top 15 year without winning a tourney - damn good and consistent

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who will be Mr October?

Cubs once again disappoint their faithful -1908 was a long time ago. They will be back next year and win a round in the playoffs. Dodgers thoughts - Russell Martin doing Canadians proud. I still can't cheer for them as they have Manny, the supreme idiot, on their team.

People ask me why I dislike Manny so much. I look at him as a person who doesn't give his all 100% of the time nor does he respect the game.

Must win for Phillies today - they don't want to give C.C. another chance in a fifth game. I had called for Angels and Phillies World Series - never say never but those damn Red Sox are finding ways to win and are also being lead by Canadian Jason Day

Bills at 4 and 0 go to Arizona today against a team that many have chosen to win their Division. Vegas has made the Cardinals a one point favourite. Can you believe it? Bills will win before their bye week.

Hockey kicked off yesterday and Ottawa lost in overtime to the Penguins - too bad - not! Will the Sens implode again this year? No but they will struggle to make playoffs in an East Conference with improved Tampa Bay, Carolina and in the West 3 of Columbus, Chicago, Phoenix and Edmonton will replace Nashville, Colorado, Minnesota in the playoffs

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baseball Endings

Okay here is how the season will end today - Mets will lose and not have a tie breaker as CC will pitch the battling (with themselves) Brewers into the playoffs where they will face the Phillies in the first round.

In the American League Central, the floundering White Sox will win today, forcing a game with Tigers tomorrow, then another game with Twins on Tuesday. Can they string 3 wins in a row together to advance to play the Rays? Not likely

I got to the final Jays home game with Halliday sinply amazing in mowing down the Yankees for his 20th. I believe he thew 31 pitches over the last 4 innings. Jays are taking a serious run at signing A.J. before his option to sign elsewhere goes into affect following World Series. I think he will renegotiate his contract with the Jays and be back (most T.O, sports writers see him flying the coupe to New York)

My Bills will put up big numbers today in St. Louis. Take the over and give the points.

Leafs are playing everyone tight right now and need to develop the ability to win.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Day of Summer

Well I took the summer off the blog. What a summer. Trips to Calgary, Invermere, Banff, St. John's, Tobermory, Ottawa, some golf, lots of Slo Pitch. Good times

Today is the final for Ryder Cup. U.S. surprising the experts. Sergio doesn't have his magic, Faldo makes some funny decisions, Anthony Kim pretty cool under pressure, Mickleson needs to win a big match - prediction - U.S. will win16 to 12

My Ticats have got to learn how to win. In most games - can't make the clutch play and it is always someone different who does not come through. Jesse Lumsden is injury prone and they want to get Kenton Keith off release waivers from Indy. 2 and 10 and they will be hard pressed to win 2 more.

Blue Jays had a decent run but their bats were not strong enough throughout year as predicted here. Pitching woes for next year without McGowan and Markum and likely A.J.

Predictions - I like Angels and Phillies in final but wouldn't it be great to see Cubs and White Sox final?

NFL - wide open with Pats losing Brady. My Bills will go 3 and 0 today. Cowboys look good but I can't cheer for any team with T Owens.

See ya soon

Monday, May 19, 2008

How many home runs will they get wrong at Yankee Stadium

Carlos Delgado hits a three run home run last night, left field umpire initially calls it fair and then the umpires confer and the first base ump convinces him it was foul - wrong again - is it just me or these bad calls becoming more common - especially at Yankee Stadium.

Joe Girardi will not survive this year.

The Jays are playing tough without their best offensive player Vernon Wells. Six and four road trip not bad after blowing a few great pitching performances in Cleveland. Do you think we would be better off with Reed Johnson than Mench and Wilkerson?

Where will Barry Bonds end up?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Game On

Our Fifty and over competitive team won tourney today in Etobicoke. Team hit great all weekend and scored in every inning. New players Rookie Bill and Brian did ok for first kick at the can with the older guys.

Sorry to see Habs lose last night - not! Penguins prevailed today and should prevail against Flyers although Biron has been a real surprise. Tonight my Sharks will be hard pressed to keep the series alive. How about Roenick - he's got the fountain of youth working for him now.

Jays - 4 wins in a row this month - need to get the sticks going - soon - as the great pitching can't continue at this rate.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hee Haw

Well here I am in Banff on a Tuesday just before game 7 of Capitals/Flyers and Sharks/Flames. Capitals have momentum and I did predict they would win earlier so no sense changing now. This Green kid is something else. Look for him to make the 2010 Olympic squad.

I was lucky enough to attend game 6 at the Saddledome on Sunday night. The sea of red and noise in Calgary rivals that annoying singing the Habs fans tend to do to often. The sea of red experience however was awesome. I only saw one San Jose sweater on the fans in attendance. Tonight the Sharks have to find a way to create some offense. Flames stayed out of the box on Sunday and have a great chance to upset the Sharks.

Frank Thomas - sorry to see him go - yes he could not play defensively and yes his batting average was terrible - however he did have an intimidating presence and I will miss him.

Off to Wild Bill's to check it out for the July Peak trip - supposed to be a great restauruant/bar and they will have the games on tonight.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring is here

Finally some good weather - first outdoor BP on Wednesday, pool getting drained, people out jogging. Updates - Raptors struggling to play well at start of games. We'll get sixth overall and then play Orlando in the first round. We can beat them with our depth but our D needs to come out stronger.

Habs over Bruins in five - I'm not as confident - Savard sucked it up and is playing well. Bruins have grit - if they win game four, this is any one's series
Will the Senators win one? What's with the attempt to pump up the crowd with some type of warrior before tonight's game and then the Mountie singer (again)?
Capitals and Rangers will win
Wings coasting - San Jose - gulp what was that fold yesterday - great hits on Patrick Marleau and he showed resilience in coming back. Stars looking good is a real surprise. Minnesota will bounce back on the road with a split in Colorado.

Jays need to get more consistent hitting. D and pitching has been really good to date. I heard Alan Ashby, one of the Jays radio play by play announcers, declare that he thinks Aaron Hill will win the AL batting crown this year. I'm not sure I share his optimisim - let's see if he can hit 300 first. Vernon is going to have a huge year.

Our local Slo Pitch League is hosting a tournament in Burlington May 31 and June 1. Details will be on the SPO site soon

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NHL Playoffs

First Round Predictions: Montreal over Boston in 5 games. Bruins hustle, play strong D, have a whacky goalie and can't score enough. With Marc Savard hurt, they will struggle. Pittsburgh over Ottawa in 5. Of course Pittsburgh threw their final game. Everyone wanted to play the imploding Senators. Have I said before that Alfredson got what he deserved?

Lots of people think that Washington will fold in the playoffs - well they won't. Ovechkin is going to keep pumping in the goals and Phili is a team that is still a year away.

That leaves the Rangers knocking off Devils in six. Devils simply can't score enough and Rangers have size and skill to cause some real problems in the playoffs this year.

In the West I am not predicting any first round upsets. Detroit will coast. San Jose and Calgary will beat each other up and look for Patrick Marleau to continue his resurgence. Minnesota will surprisingly knock off Colorado in 5. This will be the end of Peter Forsberg so enjoy his last series. A lot of people are talking Dallas to knock of Anaheim. Personally I can't see it - they struggled down the stretch and miss Zubov on the PP.

Check back in 10 days to see next predictions.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baseball Beginnings

I attended the home opener vs Red Sox on Friday night. Nice win by Jays. Lots of Red Sox fans there and frankly they should be a little less cocky. Low and behold at Sunday's game, Patti and I sat in a heavily populated Red Sox section. Beckett started and had a lot of zip on his fast ball. Blue Jays showed a lot of patience and eventually wore him down. After his second consecutive walk he was pulled and the Hurt hit a grand slam on his first pitch. This is when many of the Red Sox fans started to leave -I find it hard to believe that so many would come up from New England.

If they are Toronto area residents, they should consider getting on the band wagon for the Jays - they run well, play solid D, have great pitching and hitting should be enough to keep them going.

Chants abounded - Go Home Boston - and the crowd was really loud. John McDonald made his first start and completed one of the nicest plays you'll ever see from a short stop. Next play he and Vernon collide on a short fly ball - both down for a while but able to continue.

Manny Ramirez - I watched him make several half hearted defensive plays this weekend. I'm glad he's with the Red Sox - he epitomizes the "idiot" label.

The crowd is a lot more energized this year than the last couple. I think the Jays will continue to get strong starting pitching, good defense and hopefully timely hitting from the Hurt, Hill and something out of third and catcher positions.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

This and That

Leafs dig deep but do not have enough fire power. The following should be moved in off season - Wellwood, Ponikarovsky, Ian White, Raycroft, Tucker. Paul Maurice is likely gone - his early season trapping in the offensive zone was a bad strategy. A goaltender competition at the beginning of the season was also a mistake - Razor - two wins in 17 games - enough said.

The Leafs should bring back Sundin. He is their leader. I think Steen can be a much bigger part of this team too.

Playoffs - Habs better get more energy in their game. It would be a shame if Koivu was hurt for any extended period. Anyone can win the East. West - also wide open - let's hope that Oilers make it.

And oh yes - good news Reed Johnson is with the Cubs. Go get 'em Reed.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tribute to Reed Johnson

Reed is one of those players who gets everything out of his abilities. He'll take a pitch off his backside if it will help the team. He'll drag bunt if that's what it takes. How many times have we seen him dive for a ball in the outfield. I think the Yankees will be happy to see him released by the Jays - certainly he had great outings against the Bronx Bombers.

I hope Reed gets picked up by another team - and they are not in the American East. We'll miss you Reed

Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness

Well here I sit having predicted Duke to go to the final of NCAA basketball and just having watched them lose to West Virginia. Hmm!

Raptors had a tough ten game stretch without one of the classiest basketball players in the league - Chris Bosh. He's back now but we will be hard pressed to get the number four seed in the playoffs. Sixth might be the right seed - avoid Cleveland and Lebron in the first round.

I am as a big a Leaf supporter as you'll find but even I think the boys are done for this year. They are creating a little havoc though - Bruins, Flyers and Sabres all struggling down the stretch - due to Leafs tenacity.

Tonight the Leafs take on the Sens who have of course slid to fifth overall (hate to remind everyone but I did predict their swoon). Prediction tonight - Leafs win in shootout.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Predictions

I don't want to say I told you so, but the Senators have turned into a freak show. Back to back shutout losses, firing their head coach when they slip in the standings, no trade deadline deals that help significantly. Too bad (not). How about the Habs? Can Carey Price hold up under the pressure? The answer is no (for now).

Can the Leafs move ahead in the standings? A better question is who will Belak level tonight - I think Moore and Carlo better keep their heads on a swivel.

Jays do get better with signing of Shannon Stewart to a minor league contract and will overtake Yankees this year.

Raptors are making the move as predicted here - look for them to overtake Cleveland in the standings soon - Cleveland will slide slightly with no apparent point guard and Ben Wallace an overpaid hard working guy who just does not have it anymore.

And where the hell is Wiarton Willy in this -25 Celsius wind chill weather?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Some random thoughts

Patti and I spent 7 glorious days in Mexico recently. We stayed at a small hotel but were basically hosted by Tom and Audrey Young, Bob and Elley Rink and Dan and Anne Stutzman. Many thanks to them all for showing me the local hot spots and area beaches. I got in a little spring training with Tom and the arm feels at least as good as it did last year. Audrey however did bruise my biceps a few time with some well aimed punches. Bob, Elley, Dan and Anne taught us new card games and I believe on a cumulative basis the men are ahead.

Nothing like a litre of freshly squeezed pineapple (with a dash of oj and tequila).

In the pictures below you will see some pictures of the beautiful beach and boogie boarding team.

Finally I will weigh in on the Mats Sundin trade discussions. Mats is a classy guy who wants to stay a Leaf. I wish the team management could figure that out and let him be - his loyalty and leadership are qualities that the entire organization should also strive to exhibit.

Check out some pix from recent trip to Guayabitos

BubbleShare: Share photos - Safe Baby Toys

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Are the Wings in Trouble - Roger is for sure

I was lucky enough to be at yesterday's game at the ACC. Electric atmosphere with Wings fans in abundance. Leafs are 5 and 0 in afternoon games - bet you they could sell out even if they afternoon games during the week. Datsyuk and Zetterburg look like they are toying with the other team but they don't drive the net very well. Very impressed by Aaron Downey and Filppula - (pick him in late round of your playoff pool).

Habs had a tough week and as predicted here, Leafs are showing some heart but still have a long way to go.

Roger and his wife are in trouble - he is testifying under oath Wednesday the 13th in Washington regarding steriod use in baseball. Interesting article here from San Fran paper

Thursday, February 7, 2008

20-20 Hindsight

Okay so the Patriots were overconfident, Plexico did better than Moss, Leafs still need to find themselves, are you really surprised at the evidence mounting against Roger, Habs playing with confidence (see Patriots for same effect vs Leafs tonight).

My son Tim and I scored a 15 game flex pack to Jays this week - can't wait for ball to start

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Good news, Wiarton Willy didn't see his shadow yesterday meaning he's predicting an early end to winter. Speaking of predictions - Sundin does not get traded, T.J. Ford makes a stirring comeback and the Raptors end up fourth in their Confernence, The Senators turn into a freak show and the Habs nip them in final standings (you heard it here first).

Blue Jays will be much better this year - Vernon's shoulder surgery went well, Scott Rolen is a nice addition, Reid Johnson will rebound from injury too, B.J. Ryan will get 30 saves, Frank Thomas will surpirse, Rios will drive in over 100, and the team's pitching will lead the league. Glad to see Johan Sontana sign with National League team as opposed to Yankees or Sox.

Here's a surprising prediction - Patriots win Super Bowl today and Plexico Burris gets over 100 yards receiving. MVP - how about Junior Seau.

January was a month of self discipline - one night off the wagon, "treated the body like a temple" and squash game went all to hell. February will be a good month - one more day this February - a trip to Mexico to the "girls hideout" (taking my glove with me) and the Leafs will suck it up and make a move up the standings.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Three in a row

Is it just me or is Tomas Kaberle as much of a defensive liability as he appears? Will tonight's game against New Jersey be as successful as I think it will be? Will Eli Manning be able to play another good game? (no)

Picture on the left is me and the bride

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January Happenings

Happy New Year everyone. Warm weather has made the cold November and December a faint memory. A great start to the year as my friend Big Pete and I attended the Sabres/Penguins outdoor game at Ralph Wilson stadium on the 1st. The weather was mild - just around the freezing mark and the crowd was really into the game. We were fortunate enough to have VIP seats within the confines of the Red Zone - great food and beverages - too bad I started my annual no drinking in January campaign.

For those sports fans out there, my Leafs are a bit slow out of the gate (to say the least). Well it's not as if the Habs are going anywhere this year.

Got a chance to see the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, Cam Forsyth, playing his guitar Saturday night at Kirk's teams fundraiser. Cam is almost ready for the big time.

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? Mine is kind of boring - drop 5 pounds so I can get a little bit quicker on the squash court. I'm working out 6 out of seven days - Tuesday (today) being the day of rest. Work outs at the Burlington Fitness and Racquet Club include skip boxing, cycling/weights and squash.

Patti and I have booked a trip to "her" hideaway in Mexico for mid February. She's warned me the old ladies will be all over me - we'll see.

Our 50 plus team is in the midst of planning for our trip to the Nationals in St. John's, Newfoundland from July 30th through August 6th. Party this Friday night to meet all the spouses - I haven't had a chance to warn all the ladies about DJ yet.

We're having a fundraiser at our generous sponsor's sports Bar on Saturday March 1st - we're calling it an East Coast Frenzy and it promises to be a blast with an Atlantic band and screeching in ceremonies.