Sunday, February 3, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Good news, Wiarton Willy didn't see his shadow yesterday meaning he's predicting an early end to winter. Speaking of predictions - Sundin does not get traded, T.J. Ford makes a stirring comeback and the Raptors end up fourth in their Confernence, The Senators turn into a freak show and the Habs nip them in final standings (you heard it here first).

Blue Jays will be much better this year - Vernon's shoulder surgery went well, Scott Rolen is a nice addition, Reid Johnson will rebound from injury too, B.J. Ryan will get 30 saves, Frank Thomas will surpirse, Rios will drive in over 100, and the team's pitching will lead the league. Glad to see Johan Sontana sign with National League team as opposed to Yankees or Sox.

Here's a surprising prediction - Patriots win Super Bowl today and Plexico Burris gets over 100 yards receiving. MVP - how about Junior Seau.

January was a month of self discipline - one night off the wagon, "treated the body like a temple" and squash game went all to hell. February will be a good month - one more day this February - a trip to Mexico to the "girls hideout" (taking my glove with me) and the Leafs will suck it up and make a move up the standings.

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