Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NHL Playoffs

First Round Predictions: Montreal over Boston in 5 games. Bruins hustle, play strong D, have a whacky goalie and can't score enough. With Marc Savard hurt, they will struggle. Pittsburgh over Ottawa in 5. Of course Pittsburgh threw their final game. Everyone wanted to play the imploding Senators. Have I said before that Alfredson got what he deserved?

Lots of people think that Washington will fold in the playoffs - well they won't. Ovechkin is going to keep pumping in the goals and Phili is a team that is still a year away.

That leaves the Rangers knocking off Devils in six. Devils simply can't score enough and Rangers have size and skill to cause some real problems in the playoffs this year.

In the West I am not predicting any first round upsets. Detroit will coast. San Jose and Calgary will beat each other up and look for Patrick Marleau to continue his resurgence. Minnesota will surprisingly knock off Colorado in 5. This will be the end of Peter Forsberg so enjoy his last series. A lot of people are talking Dallas to knock of Anaheim. Personally I can't see it - they struggled down the stretch and miss Zubov on the PP.

Check back in 10 days to see next predictions.

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