Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dirty Old Habs

I was lucky enough to go see Leafs totally dominate Habs last night. Habs were a step slow all night and decided to hit Leafs from behind several times - Kostopolous hits Van Ryan right between the numbers - breaks his nose, hand, stitches to head and a concussion - gutless play and he should get a bunch of games suspension. Later Leafs take 3 goaltender interference penalties in a row - interesting last one - Blake gets hammered into the goal post by a beat defenceman. Schenn gets tripped on an icing call and goes hard into the boards. Markov gets a boarding call. Even Koivu took exception to the skill exhibited by Grabovski and actually kicked him along the boards.

Anyway, some might say Habs never gave up - I'd say they need to clean up their act.

Western Mustang football boys going to Mitchell Bowl - second year in a row in National semi finals. St. Marys will be lucky to stay within 2 touchdowns

Bills have lost 3 in a row but have some easier games coming. They'll need to go 11 and 5 to ensure playoff spot.

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