Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Day of Summer

Well I took the summer off the blog. What a summer. Trips to Calgary, Invermere, Banff, St. John's, Tobermory, Ottawa, some golf, lots of Slo Pitch. Good times

Today is the final for Ryder Cup. U.S. surprising the experts. Sergio doesn't have his magic, Faldo makes some funny decisions, Anthony Kim pretty cool under pressure, Mickleson needs to win a big match - prediction - U.S. will win16 to 12

My Ticats have got to learn how to win. In most games - can't make the clutch play and it is always someone different who does not come through. Jesse Lumsden is injury prone and they want to get Kenton Keith off release waivers from Indy. 2 and 10 and they will be hard pressed to win 2 more.

Blue Jays had a decent run but their bats were not strong enough throughout year as predicted here. Pitching woes for next year without McGowan and Markum and likely A.J.

Predictions - I like Angels and Phillies in final but wouldn't it be great to see Cubs and White Sox final?

NFL - wide open with Pats losing Brady. My Bills will go 3 and 0 today. Cowboys look good but I can't cheer for any team with T Owens.

See ya soon

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