Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baseball Endings

Okay here is how the season will end today - Mets will lose and not have a tie breaker as CC will pitch the battling (with themselves) Brewers into the playoffs where they will face the Phillies in the first round.

In the American League Central, the floundering White Sox will win today, forcing a game with Tigers tomorrow, then another game with Twins on Tuesday. Can they string 3 wins in a row together to advance to play the Rays? Not likely

I got to the final Jays home game with Halliday sinply amazing in mowing down the Yankees for his 20th. I believe he thew 31 pitches over the last 4 innings. Jays are taking a serious run at signing A.J. before his option to sign elsewhere goes into affect following World Series. I think he will renegotiate his contract with the Jays and be back (most T.O, sports writers see him flying the coupe to New York)

My Bills will put up big numbers today in St. Louis. Take the over and give the points.

Leafs are playing everyone tight right now and need to develop the ability to win.

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