Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness

Well here I sit having predicted Duke to go to the final of NCAA basketball and just having watched them lose to West Virginia. Hmm!

Raptors had a tough ten game stretch without one of the classiest basketball players in the league - Chris Bosh. He's back now but we will be hard pressed to get the number four seed in the playoffs. Sixth might be the right seed - avoid Cleveland and Lebron in the first round.

I am as a big a Leaf supporter as you'll find but even I think the boys are done for this year. They are creating a little havoc though - Bruins, Flyers and Sabres all struggling down the stretch - due to Leafs tenacity.

Tonight the Leafs take on the Sens who have of course slid to fifth overall (hate to remind everyone but I did predict their swoon). Prediction tonight - Leafs win in shootout.

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Jeff Morton said...

Of course the Leafs won in regulation with a third period collapse by Sens