Thursday, November 18, 2010

Has it really been two years?

Wow I knew it had been a while. Life's been busy. Here's my take on a few sports. I really thought the Habs were in trouble this year with Carey Price as their goalie and forwards that are so small - we'll see but they are the surprise of the league so far. I was in Vegas a month ago and bet a couple of times on my Leafs - fortunately they were hot at the time. They are a stretch to make the playoffs and will need to overtake both the Rangers and Senators to get in

Raptors - ouch - 20 wins max this year. Bargnani is not a guy to build the team around - he's too lazy defensively and not a leader.

Blue Jays - offseason will be interesting - we lose John Buck and his tremendous offense. We add Rajai Davis to the outfield and he brings lots of new talents. He and Travis Snyder at top of order would be cool. Need to get Aaron Hill sorted out - .206 BA sucks.

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Sorry, my Rangers will keep the Leafs out of the playoffs single handily.

Raptors, Marlies, Rock, TFV...all bad. It's sad and very frustrating being a sports fan in Toronto.