Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bills/Leafs/Raptors - any chance for a win?

Leafs versus Sens - neither team scoring much. Monster hot in net -take the Leafs to win with Naz getting his first.

Bills versus Steelers. Will the Steelers be looking past the Bills to their big Monday night game against Baltimore? Maybe. Need Fitzpatrick to light it up - we have a chance. Big Peter, Dave, Dean, Rob and Mike and I will be at the game - fun to be had by all -nothing like a tailgate in Buffalo. Steaks on the menu tomorow

What is wrong with the Bengals and where will TO service next year?

Raps vs Atlanta - Reggie out with a foot injury - hopefully not same issue as last year's lengthy sidelining. We're short on rebounders and need Davis back from D league soon

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