Friday, November 19, 2010

Two in a Row

Ok the Leafs come up with a solid effort against a struggling Devils team last night. Habs run into a pissed off Nashville team and lay an egg. Sets up for a good tussle on Saturday night. The whole PK Suban thing is disturbing - so what if he's got a little flash and dash - Richards warning him is crap. I cheer for anyone but the Habs but I'd be really teed off if someone does something stupid to PK now.

I updated my profile to show a picture of my son and I just after the Toronto Bucanneers President's Day game on 11/7 - good times and that may just be it for me and any further rugby games.

This weekend my Western Mustangs traval to play Laval in the semis for University football. They'll be in tough but if they get through this one they will win the Vanier.

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