Saturday, December 4, 2010

What a difference a day makes at ACC

Great atmosphere in ACC last night as the fans really got into the Raptor game.  The Raptors are surprising a lot of people with their energy and athleticism.  Guys that I really like on this team:
  • Barbosa - too quick for most - great at getting to the bucket
  • Weems - man can he go get the ball
  • DeMar DeRozan - expanding his game to play well both outside and in
Bargnani gets a double double - he should against a small line up like the OKC team had last night.  It was good to see Andrea score some points late in the fourth quarter for a change. 

15 Assists from Jose is good stuff but he needs to start producing like that on a regular basis.

Listening to Jack Armstrong do the Raptor games is a treat.  Funny guy with good insights.

Some predictions for this weekend's NFL action - Jets lose to Pats by 10.  Steve Johnson goes to church and the Bills beat Vikings in Minnesota.  Too bad the Bills are not at home this weekend - most snow there for a long long time.  Chicago blows out Lions - Bears have got too tough a schedule left and need this one bad to solidify playoff positioning.

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