Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is this the same team I saw last Thursday?

Wow the Leafs have really improved down the middle in their past two games - wins over the hated Habs and payback against the young Oilers.  I think props are due to Ron Wilson and likely Keith Acton, one of the Leafs Assistant Coaches.  They went from not being able to win a draw to dominating both Montreal and Edmonton on faceoffs.

Bozak clearly got a fire lit under him as his game is much improved.  Grabovski is playing his best hockey as a Leaf.  These two guys are key for us trying to inch back into the playoffs.  And of course we got scoring from the guys who are supposed to score last night - Versteeg, Grabovski and Kessel. 

I am not a big hockey fight fan but Colton Orr sure knocked the hell out of Oiler Zack Sortini last night.  Poor Zack spent more time in the box than on the ice and won't look good in the Christmas pictures this year.

Off to Calgary next where Stajan and Hagman will be under a lot of pressure to prove the Leaf trade was not a total fleecing (again) of the Flames organization.

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