Saturday, December 11, 2010

Calcutta time

Here is a message from Chairman Nate
  • These are the final handicaps for the calcutta.
  • Decisions were made by a board not just one person, in case someone wanted to complain. (Editor's note:   If you want to complain speak to the hand.) 
  • These are the first round matchups, and I know it is over a month away but it gives more time for trash talk.
  • Minimum starting bet for every team will be $40.00.
  • We will not move to the next team until the previous team is purchased for at least the minimum. Anyone is welcome to bid on teams so if you have friends that want to be involved but are not playing they are more than welcome to come out.
  • Remember, all matches are 2 outta 3 to 15 no additional points and single elimination.
  • Calcutta's cannot be a success without people willing to gamble, so please come to the auction on Tuesday January 18th 7 the BFRC cafe with the mindset that you will have to spend some money on a team. If it is a success then we can do it again and improve on it.

See you in January boys!!


Al Scott / Ivan Hunt             plus 4
Ray Coates / Byron Goodwin plus 1

Rick James / Frank Thomson plus 3
Dean Lloyd / John Bodnar minus 1

Gary Long / Gord Dowbiggin   plus 3
John Graham / Mark Litton   minus 2

Nick Stryland / Greg Rae       minus 5
Chris Barrett / Dave Peters plus 2

Gerald Marshall / Dave v Wely minus 3
John Rekrut / Ted Charuk       plus 5

Peter Lemieux / Ross Vipond minus 2
Rob Bowder / Paul Grootendorst -4 minus 4

Mike Donnelly / Brent Hurtubise minus 4
Bob Sullivan / Nathan Drew minus 1

Norm Crook / Jeff Morton         even
Pete Naughton / Mark Braden plus 4

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