Monday, December 27, 2010

XMAS wishes coming true or end of an era?

Just taking it easy today after a big day in Buffalo yesterday.  Bills really need a stud defender - no pressure on Brady yesterday and he sets some obscure no interception record.  Lets see if he can continue his dominance in the playoffs. 

These are the guys beside us at tailgate - I'm bundled with 7 layers up top and the guy on the truck is only supported by his liqueur.  Temp was 9 F with wind chill.

Big tailgate yesterday - Dave's best chowder on record, met his brother Matt, Paul brings the Lick's burgers, rusty nails.  Paul and Mike are not in the picture above - I think they were out yelling - "Don't pet the horses!"  Nice lid Peter.

Game starts out well and then we give up 34 unanswered.  With all the other lower echelon teams winning yesterday, we're setting up for top 3 pick - just as long as Jets and Mark Brunelle put up a good game next week.

Last game for the boys as a group in Buffalo.  11 years too much ineptitude for Pete and Dave.  Best times are the pre games - why pay for the games?

Leafs come out with a 4-1 win over Jersey - no goals for Kessel.  Habs get spanked by the Islanders - perhaps this is my XMAS wish being granted.

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