Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Which team shows up tonight?

So the Leafs played well Saturday and got lucky on Monday against Washington. Here's my take on why Washington under achieves in the playoffs.  Did you see the genuine joy that Clarke McCarthur showed when he scored his two goals against the Caps?  I thought he was going to go through the glass on the first one and his celebration on his second was really infectious. 

The Leafs are up a goal in the shootout, Semin needs to score to extend the game and as you know he missed scoring.  He showed the square root of frick all emotion when he didn't score.  Come on Alexander - get into it.

In Pittsburgh tonight and Sid the Kid is unstoppable right now.  Look for the Leafs to put Schenn out every time Sid is on the ice.  If Sid does not get two points, we'll win

Speaking of emotion there certainly is no lack of confidence in the newest Blue Jay 20 year old Canadian Brett Lawrie.  He says he's going to start the season in the big leagues - I sure hope so otherwise why would we give up on Shaun Marcum.

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