Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas - unless you are with New Jersey Devils

Come on Lou - what's with firing your coach John McLean days before Christmas.  Not cool. 

Speaking of not cool, Lebron rags on the NBA for having to play Christmas Day.  Here's a tip Lebron - the NBA is not popular enough that they can give up the tradition of showcasing their product on Christmas Day.  I'm glad the game against the Lakers was a dud.

Upcoming predictions.  The World Junior Championships will featue Canada and the U.S. in the final.  Canada's size may be enough to have them wear down everyone on their way to 6th gold in 7 years.

Yes I had Pittsburgh and Arizona against the spread.  Other picks that seem a sure thing - Baltimore over Cleveland and the New York football Giants over Green Bay.  Coughlin some how gets the Giants focused up after their collapse against the Eagles.  Matt Dodge may not kick the ball in bounds again this season

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