Monday, December 13, 2010

Break up the Bills

The weather in Buffalo yesterday sucked - rain all day - it would have been much better with snow.  Great tailgate regardless.  We park beside the Bud Light VIP tent - the parking lot was quite empty yesterday.   So empty that the Bud Light girls came over to our fire and invited us to the VIP party.  I suspect they thought Dean and Dave were there and came over to chat with them.

Anyway I get the all time record for ring toss and win "top prize".  One less gift to buy for XMAS.  50,000 fans braved the elements and saw the Bills D step up and shut down the Browns.  Win 3 for the season - likely the last win with trips to Miami and Jets and home game against the Pats.  Not sure of status of Lee Evans going forward and Steve Johnson seems to have lost is mo jo.

Nice job by Bills protecting the ball in wet conditions yesterday.  With our weak pass rush it's unlikely we'll do well in last home game.  Jets are in real trouble and could be 9 and 6 when we go there for last game of season.

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