Monday, January 3, 2011

Team Canada Juniors playing fantastic

So I tune into tonight's game a little apprehensive about how we'll do.  Team Canada has not shown the ability to really finish at the tourney.  Before you go, yeah but look at all the goals they have scored, ask yourself - how many goals should they have scored in quarter final versus Swiss? 

Other concerns - Were you concerned about D being a little sluggish and struggling to keep up with fast forwards (remember Sweden)?  Forwards not doing a great job of clearing their own defensive end?

Anyway another period to go - if we maintain three goal lead through 6 minutes the game is ours.

Speaking of tough luck (not) how happy were you that Sweden's coach predicted he was afraid of Russian team (or words to that affect).  Suck on that buddy -Canada would have kicked your ass in a rematch.

NFL season over - tough to predict against the spread and this last week just got me to .500 for the season -at least I won the pool for the week.  What's with Seattle - man that crowd is tough - can they be that effective in helping the Hawks down Saints next weekend?  Not a prayer.

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