Sunday, January 30, 2011

How about those New Year's Predictions

December 31st post featured 10 predictions for the New Year.
  1. Kadri is not even being mentioned as a possibility for call up.  We're using Crabb,Rosehill, Bryce and of course James Reimer in net.
  2. Sid not winning scoring title looks like it is coming true also - too bad it's due to a concussion.
  3. Leafs and Raptors not making playoffs - well Raps have lost 11 in a row - injuries and D is too weak with the scorers out that they need to consistently score 100.  Leafs have to play 700 hockey - not going to happen.
  4. Vernon Wells was traded making Jose Bautista the man for the Jays.  40 Home runs - we need 'em now.  Wow has the bullpen ever deep now too.
  5. Yes Hamilton City Council, lead by Mayor Bob Bratina, announced plans to redo Ivor Wynne Stadium.  Blown opportunity to get a great new facility. 
  6. Argos coach nominated for Coach of the year - clearly everyone thinks they suck.  Argos give up 60 more points than they score and just cause Barker makes some funny commercials, he's coach of the year candidate cause he's got a bunch of chumps playing for him?
  7. Habs 3 ahead of Canes.  Yes things are getting tight in Hab country.
  8. Yankees - tbd
  9. Saints sucked against a Seahawk team that played for pride.  Steelers and Pack will make a good Super Bowl.  Prediction to follow next week.
  10. Tiger looks out of sorts this weekend - played 5 over par Saturday and Sunday with one hole to go today. 

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