Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Observations from Leafs win over Panthers

  • The Leafs are starting to move the puck a lot better.  They are clearing the puck from their end and having fewer turnovers in the neutral zone
  • Exception to this is Phil Kessel - he really struggles when he gets the puck on the boards in the defensive end.  Doesn't handle pressure well from pinching D nor did he show much grit on the boards.  Phil we need ya to start putting the biscuit in the basket - great speed and move to create the breakaway chance late in the game but man a goal would be nice.
  • I have to give Beuachemin some credit for his game last night - blocked shots and decent puck movement.  Phaneuf made some good offensive moves and Kaberle made a brilliant wrist pass on the Grabovski power play goal
  • Keaton Ellerby with the Panthers is going to be a stud D in the NHL.  He absolutely crushed Mike Brown along the boards with as good a check as you'll ever see.

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